Dick Gary is Jim form Tuscaloosa

Monday, November 07, 2005

Will the real Jim from Tuscaloosa please shut up!

Dick Gary aka. "Jim from Tuscaloosa" is the Finebaum baffoon who continually makes and ass of himself on multiple radio staions using multiple names.

Dick holds himself up as somewhat of an "expert" on Bama football. To those who know him, that is comical on so many levels. No one who attended Tuscaloosa High School with Dick has any recollection of him ever doing anything involving athletics. Dick repeatedly quotes Coach Bear Bryant in his illogical rants and tirades. Funny thing is, no one close to Bryant recalls the coach ever saying much of what Dick attributes to him.

We will continue to monitor the Village Idiot on this blog and continue to point out Dick's nutso comments on a regular basis.